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Robison, Sharp, Sullivan & Brust
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Robison Law

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Legal representation is more important than ever. We are Robison, Sharp, Sullivan & Brust, a Reno, NV law firm with trusted attorneys. Our attorneys in Reno, NV have been providing unparalleled legal services since 1981 and pride themselves on their transactional excellence. We seek to align both our client’s and the firm’s interests with respect to costs, services, and the success of the outcome. There are many law firms in Reno, but the lawyers at Robison Law specialize specifically in commercial litigation and transactional law, getting you the results you need. In the end, as one of the top law firms in the area, we try to ensure that the benefit you receive from working with a lawyer from our firm is well worth the fee paid.

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Want to work with a highly skilled Reno, NV lawyer? Choose Robison Law. We maintain a team of top lawyers in and experienced paralegals that work hard to make sure you have the best legal representation.


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Robison, Sharp, Sullivan, & Brust excels as one of the most elite law firms because of our highly skilled attorneys in Reno, NV. You can trust us to provide you with top lawyers. We devote ourselves to representing the interests of companies and individuals who require the best in complex commercial litigation.

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Robison Law Firm Services


  • Business Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Construction Defect Litigation
  • Estate Planning & Trust Litigation
  • Employment
  • Personal Injury, Plaintiffs & Defense
  • Bankruptcy Litigation, Defense of Creditor’s Rights

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Robison Law Firm Services

Transactional Law

  • Real Estate Law
  • Employment Law
  • Business Purchases, Sales & Mergers
  • Banking – Documenting Loans
  • Mining Law
  • Bankruptcy – Creditor’s Rights

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Robison Law Firm Services

Arbitration & Mediation

  • Personal Injury Attorney
  • Human Resources
  • Landlord Tenant
  • Employment
  • Family Law

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Robison Law Firm Services

Business Planning & Formation

  • Organize Business Organizations, Corporations & LCCs
  • Non-Competition Trade Secret Agreements
  • Preparation of Trusts & Wills

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Values of Robison Law

Over the past three decades, Robison Law has earned an excellent reputation as one of the most respected and successful Reno, NV law firms. Our approach, trial capabilities, and courtroom experience distinguish us from other firms.

The quality, integrity, and experience of our lawyers are essential to your success. We have some of the most highly skilled attorneys in Reno, NV that will try their very best to make that happen.

Lawyers in Reno, NV

Our Philosophy

Robison, Sharp, Sullivan & Brust are a team of lawyers who focus on competition, compassion, preparation, civility, and professionalism with respect to the legal process.


We are highly competitive lawyers whose instincts transcend the legal profession and manifest in our own recreational and personal lives. Litigation is a highly competitive area of law but our Reno lawyers enjoy the challenge.


Compassion is indispensable, especially in legal matters. Your Reno, NV lawyer will work closely with you to help guide you through the difficult and stressful aspects of litigation.


There is no substitute for preparation for any law firm. Preparation is often the factor that dictates the outcome of a case. As a client, you are an indispensable and integral component of the team – important throughout the preparation process.

Civility & Professionalism:

As an experienced Reno law firm, we provide personalized representation and efficiently resolve your legal disputes. We pride ourselves on our civility, professionalism, and aggressive legal representation.

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