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Reno Arbitration & Mediation Services

Because of skyrocketing legal costs and long delays in working cases through the legal process, arbitration and mediation are more frequently becoming a common and practical alternative to traditional approaches.

Arbitration Lawyers

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At Robison, Sharp, Sullivan and Brust, our arbitration lawyers are particularly skilled in the rapidly growing area of alternative dispute resolution. In order to truly be effective at arbitration and mediation, one must be highly skilled in litigation. A firm that is not confident in their litigation capabilities is at a serious disadvantage in negotiating a resolution. Contact RSSB Today for litigation services 

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Mediation Services

Our experienced and skilled litigators are able to represent you from a true position of strength in matters of arbitration and mediation. Preparation, commitment and knowledge about the trial process and modern methods of advocacy are components in our approach to litigation. Our arbitration lawyers foster a willingness amongst adversaries to negotiate, settle and avoid trial.

Additionally, our expertise in transactional law gives us an edge in understanding the intricacies and business strengths and weaknesses of your claim. This is a critical advantage when providing you with the best possible outcome.

Nevada Mediators

Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

Several members of our firm serve as mediators in Nevada’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. The professional community recognizes that experience in litigation, arbitration, and mediation are valuable considerations when selecting mediators to resolve disputed matters. We are proud of our Reno lawyer’s involvement and experience in Nevada’s mediation programs.

Read and learn more about our team of arbitration lawyers. We invite you to read through their bios.