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Here at Robison, Sharp, Sullivan & Brust Law, we consider the art of advocacy the cornerstone of their professional existence. To be a leading Reno litigation lawyer, having verbal and written communication skills are crucial in order to persuade and win in the courtroom. We are continuous students of the art of persuasion, using modern technology and jury research as instruments of advocacy.

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Robison, Sharp, Sullivan & Brust Law is considered a trusted law firm in Reno, NV. Work with lawyers who will devote themselves to providing you with ethical yet aggressive representation.

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There is no substitute for aggressive yet ethical representation in the courtroom. Our Reno litigation lawyers have successfully litigated throughout the Western United States in State, Federal, and Appellate courts. Tremendous legal victories are a trademark of our Reno law firm and our litigation lawyers take pride in the success they had involving:

  • Commercial Transactions
  • Real Estate Property Transactions
  • Construction Disputes (Defense & Plaintiff)
  • Complex Commercial Transactions
  • Lender Liability
  • Personal Injury, Plaintiffs & Defense
  • Professional Liability (Defense & Plaintiff)
  • Insurance Defense
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Employment
  • Water Rights & Environmental Issues
  • Hotel & Resort Security Issues (Defense & Plaintiff)
  • Bankruptcy Litigation, Defense Of Creditor’s Rights

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Top Litigation Lawyers in Reno, NV

There are many law firms in Reno, NV but there is nothing worse than realizing you hired the wrong attorney for the job. Don’t risk your chances with other Reno law firms. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your counsel. The result of any lawsuit may be predicated on how successful the trial team works with the client as the client representative. Litigation is a specialty in law that very few attorneys have mastered and there is certainly a distinction between litigation technicians and trial lawyers. Our Reno litigation lawyers are not intimidated by the trial process and look forward to representing you.

We know of no other litigation law firms in Reno or the rest of Nevada that have received as many verdicts for punitive damages in business litigation as ours.

Our Reno law firm has obtained verdicts and judgments for our clients in excess of $600 million. This combined total of verdicts and judgments is a testament to the dedication of the advocates employed in our firm and demonstrates how seriously we approach litigation matters.